Free Stuff On Your Birthday

Updated August 2013

People celebrate birthdays stylishly. This is the day that someone is king or queen before loved ones. Surprise parties can take to new heights on our birthdays. However, free stuff on our birthday can be more ecstatic on this special day. There are people who have enjoyed this special anniversary with birthday freebies. Such freebies may be obtained from some retailers, restaurants, and companies among other possible places.

Where to start to get birthday freebies

Free Stuff On Your Birthday

Getting birthday freebies requires careful planning in order to be included in the scheme of a company, retailer, or restaurant that offer free stuff on your birthday. Usually, people are required to register and sign up in such schemes before their birthdays. The signing up process is done online where interested people fill up an online form as required by the company.

Remember that requirements can be different from one company to another. As a result, you have to provide an identification document bearing your birth date as proof for eligibility. This way, successful people can start their birthday celebrations a week earlier and have it for at least another week after the birth date. This sounds new but it is the best way to avoid sulking and drooping shoulders on your birthday. Below is a step by step guide to where and how to obtain free stuff on your birthday.

Plan to visit Eating joints and Chain Restaurants

With their presence on the internet, you do not need to physically visit your target eating joints and chain restaurants. Most of them have an offer for free meals for birthdays. Most free meals from these places include drinks too. In fact, such a time offers an opportunity for people to savor in exotic desserts. Some people have been lucky to receive a surprise free special cake for their birthday. What you need is to check on such companies’ websites for free birth day offers early enough before the birthday. You can visit websites for the following restaurants for various freebies for your birthday.

Check for free theme park admissions

Having a free treat on your birthday may include a visit to a renowned theme game park. Most theme game parks require people to sign up online a few weeks to their birthday. Usually, signing up with a theme game park entitles one to a free visit to one of their game parks on your birthday. Free parking for adults is also offered by most theme parks on birthdays as an added advantage above admission. Such parks include:

Register with Retails 

Registering with retailers is the best way to get into the world of free gift vouchers, hampers, and coupons. Their vouchers can be redeemed for shopping favorite birthday presents. Some birthday presents are best bought by you on this special occasion. However, such vouchers entitle you to an absolutely free shopping for your birthday. Some retails are known for stunning people with surprise birthday cards. Collect all of your free stuff on your birthday offered by retailers in order to savor in the glory of a special birthday. Such retailers include:

Freebies from bars, movies, and clubs

A little planning prior to your next birthday will land you free stuff for your birthday. This cherished day can be celebrated stylishly at absolutely no cost. On this day, you can eat, drink, shop, indulge, and dance at no cost. A memorable birthday may end up with a free visit to movies, clubs, and bars. This can be ideal for people who like recreating themselves in such places. Most movie theaters can fix you a date for your favorite movies. Their cards include some soft drinks and a tub of popcorn too. In fact, be keen to check for chain video stores that provide free movie rentals for birthdays. In addition, clubs and bars offer an opportunity for people to end their birthdays with a memorable dance or free drinking sprees. Check for places that offer such freebies in order to make your birthday a living heaven.